Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas to me love...

Urban Outfitters

Christmas Is here and It wouldn't be christmas without treating myself to some new clothes. These Urban Outfitters pieces were my favourite out of what I brought myself.
Sparkle & Fade Cardigan £48 Urban Outfitters

Love the print detail on the cardigan

I'm going to wear this with a pre christmas purchase of mine which is also from urban outfitters 
Kimchi & Blue floral skirt £38

Another christmas purchase also from Urban Outs

Sparkle & Fade skirt £30
This will go very nice with my Sparkle & Fade cardi! 
Along with buying myself some treats I also brought my uni house a present. Everytime I go into Urban Outfitters I always Awww at these and I finally have some, they were in the sale as well so barg!

Huggie Salt & Pepper set £4
Merry Christmas xxxxxx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

mise à pied

First post In a while, a long while. Well here goes, It's going to be a dramatic one....

The first shock was a few days ago when I heard French Vogue editor Carine Roitfield decided to quit vogue to move on to bigger, brighter things.

apparently not so, I stumbled across this on the internet...

“Our sources tell us the magazine’s parent company was unhappy with all the bad press surrounding Roitfeld’s alleged pay-for-play scandals—this year, alone—demanding huge sums of money for extracurricular consulting gigs and the enormous, public embarrassment of being banned from Balenciaga last season for abusing her position at Vogue. In the latter case, Roitfeld allegedly borrowed Balenciaga preview pieces and sent them to her client, Max Mara, to copy ... “

I can't wait to see who replaces her, It will be a very well deserving blog post of mine. 


Haven't been on here In a while, since I started university, apologies :) xxxxxxxxx