Monday, 31 January 2011

Personal Styling Day

For part of my Imaging and Styling project at uni we are learning about styling, and for this part we had to take a coursemate out shopping and find them an outfit they would usually wear and an outfit they wouldn't usually wear.

I restyled Milliam, her usual style is a very classic simple one; she wears alot of jeans, jumpers, blazers and boots. This is the outfit she wore on our shopping trip.

This is the first outfit I picked for Milliam, this is what I thought she would usually go for. I got this whole outfit from H&M, I picked some skinny jeans in a dark colour which I thought would look really great on her figure and I knew she would like them because she lives in jeans. I then picked the blazer, she doesn't usually wear grey so I thought I'd introduce her to this colour, I also really loved the brown elbow pads. To bring the look together I picked out a blue and white stripy top, I thought this outfit worked really well. 

For the second outfit I picked it was something I thought Milliam wouldn't usually wear again I got this outfit from H&M. I wanted to pick something completely different, and if I'm honest I did kinda pick something I would usually wear, which I know I shouldn't have. I went for bright summery colours that Milliam would never wear I also put her in a skirt which she never wears as she doesn't like showing her legs. Milliam didn't really like this outfit she did however like the top but would wear it with jeans instead.

For the next two outfit choices I went to New Look, this is one of my least favourite shops but Milliam likes this shop so it was a good choice. 

For the first outfit, which was what Milliam usually would wear I again went for a pair of dark skinny jeans and I paired that with a nice orangery shirt with a pussy bow colour.

For the last outfit of the day, one Milliam wouldn't usually wear I did actually pick something I personally wouldn't wear but I thought would look great on her figure. I picked out this blue shorts and this light pink blouse, Mlliam doesn't usually wear baggy tops but I thought this top looked great with the shorts and as she has her legs out, the less revealing top works well with the shorts. Milliam did actually like the shorts but said she'd wear a tighter top with them.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Black Swan

This week I went to see 'Black Swan' which I must say is one of the most amazing films I have seen, such a clever, incising storyline. Its a thriller about the rivalry of two ballerinas and how getting the role of a lifetime literally takes over you until you become the role. One of the things I was most looking forward to was the costume designs, and oh they were  amazing so extravagant but in a simple way. The costume designers for 'Black Swan' was created by fashion duo, the Mulleavy Sisters who founded the fashion house 'Rodarte' who lead star Natalie Portman is one of their loyal supporters. They designed 40 costumes for Swan Lake and also all the knitwear and leotards that was used throughout the film.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


So for one of my projects at uni I have to do a historical fashion shoot; the era I was given was the 80's which to my annoyance is the decade I hate the most. Finding inspiration for my shoot was hard until I came across this Wonderland shoot which featured Liv Tyler in a very simple, elegant 80's photo-shoot, I loved the fact that it had an 80's influence but without the tackiness I oh so hate. The poses in this shoot are really great as you don't see many shoots with these kind of poses.