Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas to me love...

Urban Outfitters

Christmas Is here and It wouldn't be christmas without treating myself to some new clothes. These Urban Outfitters pieces were my favourite out of what I brought myself.
Sparkle & Fade Cardigan £48 Urban Outfitters

Love the print detail on the cardigan

I'm going to wear this with a pre christmas purchase of mine which is also from urban outfitters 
Kimchi & Blue floral skirt £38

Another christmas purchase also from Urban Outs

Sparkle & Fade skirt £30
This will go very nice with my Sparkle & Fade cardi! 
Along with buying myself some treats I also brought my uni house a present. Everytime I go into Urban Outfitters I always Awww at these and I finally have some, they were in the sale as well so barg!

Huggie Salt & Pepper set £4
Merry Christmas xxxxxx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

mise à pied

First post In a while, a long while. Well here goes, It's going to be a dramatic one....

The first shock was a few days ago when I heard French Vogue editor Carine Roitfield decided to quit vogue to move on to bigger, brighter things.

apparently not so, I stumbled across this on the internet...

“Our sources tell us the magazine’s parent company was unhappy with all the bad press surrounding Roitfeld’s alleged pay-for-play scandals—this year, alone—demanding huge sums of money for extracurricular consulting gigs and the enormous, public embarrassment of being banned from Balenciaga last season for abusing her position at Vogue. In the latter case, Roitfeld allegedly borrowed Balenciaga preview pieces and sent them to her client, Max Mara, to copy ... “

I can't wait to see who replaces her, It will be a very well deserving blog post of mine. 


Haven't been on here In a while, since I started university, apologies :) xxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

H&M hearts Lanvin

When browsing the Vogue website I came across the headline 'Lanvin for H&M' the look of shock hit my face. I know every year H&M get a designer to create a collection but I never imagined Lanvin would do a collaboration. EXCITEMENT EXCITMENT hell yeah! Uber luxe for H&M, I can finally abuse my discount! The collection launches on the 23rd of November oh please let me be working that day! I can imagine the whole reserve cuboard being full to the brim!
I must be honest though I'm slightly worried the collection will be a let down though I'm hoping not It's Lanvin! Previous designers Sonia Rykiel, Jimmy Choo and others have not WOWED me, lets hope this changes! :D

Monday, 6 September 2010

There's cream in my boots!


August bank holiday weekend, a weekend full of festivals and bad weather which this year I decided to be part of. I popped my festival cherry this year at Creamfields which Is an electronic music festival. Whilst most of the country headed to Reading me and my pals took the four hour drive to Liverpool, and oh It was so worth it.
Im wearing High wasted denim shorts, grey tee, green cardigon, miltary boots and two cans of strongbow haha

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything Is right

These beauts are from River Island for a bank balance friendly £29.99
I love the buckle and tassel detail on the shoes, reminds me of a pair of loafers I had back in the 90's when I was 7 or so.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Car park chic

I saw Tashan In Tesco car park. I'm going to add that this is Tesco In LEWISHAM, I was shocked to see someone with such style! Though I am not suggesting people In Lewisham don't have style, I am just yet to see this. Tashan's favourite shop Is River Island where everything she wears Is from apart from the trousers and Blazer, which are from H&M. I love the bag, I haven't seen anything on the highstreet like It. It really catches your eye and brings the whole outfit together. To me this is a very preppy look which Tashan has pulled off brilliantly.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

love love love it!

Alexander Wang A/W 2010 campaign.....I love it, this is his first ever women's campaign and what an amazing, expressive campaign it is! Ahh I also wanna know the song used for it!

Forever and ever AMEN

I've spent most of the day with my ears drowning in the sound of 'the drums'. I've had their album 'Surfing' for about a month now, briefly listened to it but until today hadn't had the chance to really listen and get the album. My ears for the past few weeks have been dominated by house music, and I have finally given my ears a break with this effortlessly, quirky indie album. When listening I can't help but think they are a British band with their obvious influence from 'the smiths' and 'of course lets not forget the oh so obvious 'beach boys' which I love as I feel no recent band have been able to achieve this. Forever and ever AMEN

When you look at 'the drums' style I instantly think 80's; I feel its a laid back quirky take on the retro-beachy look which goes great with their music.
Forever and ever AMEN.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

CAMEL toe this is not

3.1 Phillip Lim
Nicole Farhi
Camel has taken over the catwalk and is most definitely the new black. From Phillip Lim to Nicole Farhi to Chloe camel Is everywhere; and ever so we will see it trickling down to the high street for some lush affordable buys!

I've tried to avoid the temptation of going on to Topshop, Urban Outfitters or ASOS but it proved to be impossible and I have now stacked up a list of things that I now must own.
Topshop Oversized Boyfriend Coat £95

Topshop Tapered Chino Trousers £35
I now own! :)

ASOS Contrast Trim Cape £80
J. W Anderson Cashmere Gym Skirt (ASOS) £249 urrrm not so affordable

Tonight I'm Wearing...

So tonight I'm just going out with a few mates. Summer? A jacket Is a must! I'm wearing a black spotty playsuit from Topshop, denim jacket from H&M, tights also H&M, heels, New Look (but will eventually be replaced by my comfy flats from topshop!) and jewellery Is from Miss Selfridge/Primark. This Is quite a casual look for me In the evenings, but I do like to go out quite casual from time to time.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Today I'm wearing...

So not the best photography ( I blame the Iphone) but It still shows you what I'm wearing.
Today I was just going to the cinema, so this Is just one of my typical casual everyday outfits.

The cardigan Is from Primark, the grey tee Is from Divided mens at H&M, the high waisted shorts are from River Island along with the bag, the shoes are also from Primark and the tights which have lasted me an amazing year and a half, are from H&M. Good investment of £5?...I think so!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Oh asos

I will own these! I may not be able to afford the £40 for these just yet (damn im so poor!) but they will become part of my shoe collection very soon.

Can't wait to pair these with a nice floral summer dress and jean jacket.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Ibeeefa Loving!

I have just arrived back from the White Isle! 10 days of bliss! Sun, sea, and house music! It was the most amazing time of my life (so far) I could easily get into the swing of living the Elvissa life.
Small snapshot of our Ibiza fashion! to be fair it was 6 in the morning on Bora Bora beach after hours of partying at Space so we wearn't looking our best! It was weird how you could tell who was English and who wasn't just from the way you dressed - not just because of the many outfits you saw in Topshop a few weeks before on everyone.

 Love this outfit, found in Es Paradis, urrrm not the best photography, I blame the alcohol intake. High wasted shorts - Matalan, loving the floral top with the shorts and the blue headband, very 50's!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

This month I've been super busy with exhibitions, I live in London yet I totally take for granted the many many places I can visit and mostly for free! over the post christmas period I went to three exhibitions which were great and also a great help for my photography research for current college projects. 

Twiggy: A life in photographs
 17th September – 24th March 2010 National Portrait Gallery

This was a very small exhibition but was also quite good. I liked that you could look at her life in photographs, looking at photos from when she first started modeling to recent ones. It was also really interesting and helpful for my projects to see the many different photographers and their styles. At this exhibition you were not allowed to take any photos.

Norman Parkinson: A very British Glamour
9th October – 31st January 2010
Somerset House

This was a very small exhibition but was very useful for a current project I was doing which was looking at different photographers from many different decades. I had heard of Norman Parkinson before this exhibition he was a very famous photographer and this exhibition was great as I got to see his different styles and the many photographs he had taken over the years. There were a lot of photographs of his wife and iconic shots of Jerry Hall from the 70’s.

Foale and Tuffin: Made in England
23rd October – 24th February 2010
Fashion and Textile Museum

I was really keen to go see this exhibition as I really love the 60’s it is one of my favorite decades for British fashion. I was a little disappointed as from the description of the exhibition they were going to re-create the actual shop, which they did do but I feel they could have recreated it a little better non the less it was still such an amazing exhibition to see actual clothes from that decade. I liked the sketches of the designs at the beginning and then the clothes. I really loved the clothes, my least favorite however were the more 70’s ones up stairs with the hippie dresses.