Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Forever and ever AMEN

I've spent most of the day with my ears drowning in the sound of 'the drums'. I've had their album 'Surfing' for about a month now, briefly listened to it but until today hadn't had the chance to really listen and get the album. My ears for the past few weeks have been dominated by house music, and I have finally given my ears a break with this effortlessly, quirky indie album. When listening I can't help but think they are a British band with their obvious influence from 'the smiths' and 'of course lets not forget the oh so obvious 'beach boys' which I love as I feel no recent band have been able to achieve this. Forever and ever AMEN

When you look at 'the drums' style I instantly think 80's; I feel its a laid back quirky take on the retro-beachy look which goes great with their music.
Forever and ever AMEN.

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