Saturday, 20 February 2010

This month I've been super busy with exhibitions, I live in London yet I totally take for granted the many many places I can visit and mostly for free! over the post christmas period I went to three exhibitions which were great and also a great help for my photography research for current college projects. 

Twiggy: A life in photographs
 17th September – 24th March 2010 National Portrait Gallery

This was a very small exhibition but was also quite good. I liked that you could look at her life in photographs, looking at photos from when she first started modeling to recent ones. It was also really interesting and helpful for my projects to see the many different photographers and their styles. At this exhibition you were not allowed to take any photos.

Norman Parkinson: A very British Glamour
9th October – 31st January 2010
Somerset House

This was a very small exhibition but was very useful for a current project I was doing which was looking at different photographers from many different decades. I had heard of Norman Parkinson before this exhibition he was a very famous photographer and this exhibition was great as I got to see his different styles and the many photographs he had taken over the years. There were a lot of photographs of his wife and iconic shots of Jerry Hall from the 70’s.

Foale and Tuffin: Made in England
23rd October – 24th February 2010
Fashion and Textile Museum

I was really keen to go see this exhibition as I really love the 60’s it is one of my favorite decades for British fashion. I was a little disappointed as from the description of the exhibition they were going to re-create the actual shop, which they did do but I feel they could have recreated it a little better non the less it was still such an amazing exhibition to see actual clothes from that decade. I liked the sketches of the designs at the beginning and then the clothes. I really loved the clothes, my least favorite however were the more 70’s ones up stairs with the hippie dresses. 

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